Thursday, March 26, 2015

Photography- Silhouettes

Silhouettes are always fun to do when in a group. Everyone can take turns being king-of-the-rock while everyone else cheers them on. If they are standing, try to have the camera level with the subject so that their silhouette doesn't seem warped in the light. If they are sitting, try fixing the lens so that you are looking up at them, don't worry if you have to squat to do so! As for the editing, try adding some more color to the image.

Photography- Kids Part 1

Photographing people is all about the timing, especially when kids are involved. Because of the many aspects that can effect the photo, I find it a good idea to take multiple pictures in a row, and hopefully, you can get at least one good photo of your fidgety subject.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crafts- Spay Paint Pickle Jars

This week I experimented with spray paint by decorating a pickle jar, which turned out to be easier than you would think. I simply cut a trash bag in half,  weigh it down on a flat surface in a well-filtered area. (Preferably outside) For the top I found it best to spray in an circular motion, the sides are particularly difficult, but be patient! If you touch it a minute too soon, you have to start all over again. Make sure when it dries its not sitting in a pile of paint. And don't trust the time they give on the can fornhow long you should wait to dry. For mine I used a nice pistatio green for the vintage effect and tied some string for the final touch.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Photography- Focusing On the Good Aspects- El Paso Skyline

In photography, sometimes you have to change your definition of a good photograph to suit your position. This for example, wouldn't be the best place to show the city of El Paso, but, as it was a rainy day, it did have some good aspects to it, like the rainclouds above the city. So, for this picture, I focused on the clouds rather than the city. 

Photography- Following the Line- Cactus Garden

Lines can be used in photography to tell the viewer where to look. This shot, for example, has two groups of lines in the bricks. On directs your line of vision up and down the image, the other goes horizontally, directing your attention to the catuses and away from the brick.

Photography- Close Ups- Poppy

Close up shots are always an ideal way to capture small details of individual shots. It requires alot of focus on the one object, such as this poppy, and in your editing and actual shot. You need to make sure that the emphasis is on that very object, and in some cases, grayscaling the photo can help it stand out.

Photography- Poppy field

  1. :
    This weekend I went to see the Mexican poppies in El Paso, it had rained earlier in the day, so the were only partially open, making for a more interesting shot. The trick with capturing a group of something, like these poppies, is to make sure you have objects of focus in both the background and foreground, or the photo will appear flat. You can check out all my photos on my Instagram @Savanners